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Meet Olori: Owner of Nigeria’s 1st Complete Fashion Store, ON WHEELS!

Meet Olori: Owner of Nigeria’s 1st Complete Fashion Store, ON WHEELS!

Olori is a Fashion entrepreneur and a Tinsel Stylist. She owns a fashion outfit – ‘Olori’s Place’ situated in the heart of Lagos. OP is rising fast as one of Nigeria’s no.1 ‘Affordable Alternative’ for the woman who enjoys stylish frocks and a delightful shoe and bag collection; and not leaving the men out, it holds a few treats for them too. Still in its 2nd year of business, OP has a customer base of hundreds of raving customers and has taken part in the city’s finest trade fairs such as Lagos State Countdown Fair, Le Petite Marche, Oja-Ara and The Mobile Market.

Where I’m Coming From

Olori studied Business and Management at the University of Bradford and also graduated with a Distinction in MSc Human Resource Management from one of the UK’s top ten management Schools. She was awarded the ‘Best Overall Results’ for the programme and has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development since 2009.

During her MSc, she made her debut into entrepreneurship by starting an African take-away and event catering cuisine service for the Ethnic minority students in and around the University of Bradford due to the scarcity of Nigerian food in that region, leading to the birth of ‘Honorable Foods’. The service became the sought-after Nigerian takeaway service for Students. Months later, she catered for bigger clients such as the University in which she studied, Weddings and RCCG Bradford. They all preferred her service for their events and student programs giving clients the best value for money. Honorable Foods funded part of her MSC tuition at the time.

Her transition into Fashion was smooth and almost inevitable. She always had a flare for looking good without ‘breaking the bank’. She shopped for friends and advised them on how to mix and match outfits for occasions. Soon after she moved to Nigeria in 2010, Olori realized the Fashion retail industry was one that exploited most customers for the goods bought abroad. So she started the trade in 2011 and since then ‘Olori’s Place’ has been known for providing stylish apparels at affordable prices. ‘Why Pay More To Look Good?’ has been the business ethos.


About my business.

We make our customers happy through Fashion and Innovation. Fashion On Wheels; the 1st Complete Fashion Store, ON WHEELS in Nigeria! ‘Fashion On Wheels’ is a Mobile Boutique – Stocking the finest handpicked clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, and it’s fitted with a changing room! We believe Fashion is everywhere so why stay in one location for too long?

My mobile boutique and the inspiration behind the idea.

Fashion on Wheels was launched on the 20th 0f April 2013 so we are quite young but Olori’s Place has been in operation since December, 2011.

For me the issue was giving my customers a more convenient way to shop, shop rates weren’t favourable in the areas I desired – then came the inspiration. My existing customers work 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday so I knew I had to find a way to make the shopping experience convenient but fun. I am doing what a thousand others are doing so I knew I had to come with the Olori edge; the fashion truck was the perfect answer! We take our shop to customers, anyway and anytime. This was beyond thinking outside the box; I had to think like there was no box.

Times are changing; it’s only natural that the traditional way of shopping changes too.  Everything is going mobile – phones, restaurants, ATM’s, money and now fashion shopping!


Other services I render.

Olori’s Place is a Fashion Outfit like I said earlier; Fashion on Wheels is not the only thing we do. I’m also a fashion stylist for Tinsel; I offer personal styling services to ladies and men. We offer styling services on the truck as well to customers and the comprehensive package is a lot more elaborate which is at a fee. I’m also personal shopper, I shop for people who don’t have the time and the knowledge on what to buy concerning their wardrobe. We also carry out “Wardrobe Audit” on your closet and help you decide which pieces are outdated, classic pieces that are timeless and review what gets donated! Most importantly, we’ll create fresh new looks from what’s in your closet already.

Our unique selling point.

My personal belief and business ethos is affordability and value which must be given to the customer always. This ethos inspires the innovative ideas we use to capture our customers.  As I said earlier, the intention was to do something unique that will create a new shopping experience for our existing and potential customers.  Fashion on Wheels is not our all and end; having innovative ideas for the services we provide is our unique selling point in Olori’s Place. Fashion on Wheels is just an expression of this.

Our special bridal product(s).

We offer pre-wedding shoot styling for couples. We shop for the bride and we create a concept for the shoot. We liaise with the photographer, makeup artist and hairstylist to ensure that we come up with something creative and unique that suits their personality.

Our contact details.

Our best contact is Tel: 08132392611 and E-mail: oloriajayi@yahoo.com

In Conclusion.                                                            

Olori’s Place is definitely out to please the customer; we believe the customer is always number 1. We are going to be around for a very long time and we will keep making the customers happy with very innovative ideas in Fashion. We also want to reach out to people who are waiting for the perfect moment before they start their businesses; there is no such thing as a perfect moment. Get started anyhow but start! If you want to find out more about the mobile business model, you can contact me. We offer services to people that want to start their mobile businesses.

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